Rashin Kheiriyeh


I went to my first ever SCBWI conference this weekend. More to follow on that, but I first wanted to give a big digital nod to one of the illustrators who had her portfolio on display at the Art Browse Saturday afternoon, where illustrators displayed so much wonderful work.

Rashin Kheiriyeh’s illustrations bounced around in my head all the way back to Philly, and were still making a racket when I woke up this morning (from a much needed 10 hour, post-conference sleep). Rashin — a student at SVA — has mostly published abroad in Iran and elsewhere. Her work has incredible energy, with great, playful use of form and color. The imagery jumps and swings, and is wildly engaging.

I am a huge fan of playful typography, and looking at her work I so wished that I could read Persian —  to understand what she was doing with the letters. It looked as if whole sub-stories wove through her hand-written print.

In any case, I am sure we will be seeing more of her work on these shores soon — but in the meantime, check out her website.


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