repost: “All of my issues with ‘THE GOODNIGHT MOON’ Bedroom”


Check out this funny take on Goodnight Moon from Raquel D’Apice over at

I am back in the land of legally prescribed percocet, so maybe the meds are contributing to my amusement over this. Though, too, maybe it is just nice to have our idols overturned every so often — or at least given a firm, little shake.

Thanks for sharing, Judy Glik — who I’ve known since around the time this book was age-appropriate for me!

(And for another giggle, take a look at D’Apice’s post about Knuffle Bunny too.)




    1. Funny, right? Thanks for reading.
      She writes at the Huffington Post too — a lot about parenting, and some very funny stuff… if you want more chuckles.

    1. Its such a classic — and so great in these subtle ways that are just perfect for the little guys. Which I think is what makes her post so funny!

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