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I recently unearthed the essay that I wrote (many years ago) for my college applications. It ended with the words, “Whether I become a biologist or scientist studying language acquisition, or an architect who designs schools, I know I will spend my life on work that has to do with children.”

My life and work has, in fact, been very much focussed on children: as a writer, teacher, professor, landscape architect, play advocate and, of course, as a mother.

Writing is the place where the strands that matter most come together for me: raising girls (and being one); believing in the power of exploration, play and making; and tuning in, always, to the ever-changing natural world. These musings on writing and reading children’s books come from one who loves to write, read, play, design, and mess around in the natural (and built) world.

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  1. Greetings. I am Johnny Ray Moore, poet and children’s author. In response to where you can find my book, A LEAF, google Continental Press. CP, now, stocks my book, A LEAF. If you still have problems obtaining the book, call me at (919) 417-6658 or email me at JMOORE92591@GMAIL.COM. In fact, give me your snail-mail address and I will send you an autographed copy. And, THANK YOU for being interested in my work.

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